PMT Plus

a new division of Premier Musical Theatre

Here’s to the FUTURE...Our Kids!

PMT Plus will give your child daily access to what they love the most: PERFORMING!

PMT Plus is essentially an art incubator for kids and teens (ages 5-15) to be inspired, challenged and encouraged daily in developing specific techniques of expression of their own creativity within the disciplines of Acting and Music in a super-fun, structured arts program.

PMT Plus is created to be a safe and nurturing environment for your child to express themselves creatively in a fun, energetic atmosphere and give them the confidence and techniques that they can use in many ways for the rest of their lives!


We designed the ongoing Acting Program to fit the student/actor’s prior training, experience, strengths and weaknesses. While we will encourage the strengths in your student/actor, we will challenge the areas that are blindspots for them with gentle coaching techniques to bring awareness of issues. Awareness is key.


The daily program lets the actor(s) sharpen and maintain their audition readiness as well as improve their acting chops!!! - with either a cold read monologue, cold read dialogue scene, or prepared scene and RECEIVE FEEDBACK!!! As many as 4 times a week!


Kids can also make their own props for their scene. Students must be able (...or really close to able) to read!

Each class holds up to 24 kids per session.


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Cold Reading/Audition Technique Series

Cold reading is performing a scene “cold” with very little prep. Students will learn techniques that will help them to quickly analyze any scene and make choices to best aid their performance. Cold reading is a vital skill to develop for any actor, and will help give them confidence to “book the room” on any audition. This daily workout training will establish and cultivate your child/actor’s readiness for auditions. Actors will receive notes!!!

This is an ONGOING CLASS, not a series. For ages: 5-15 (Must be able to read)

Monday thru Friday 4pm - 6:30pm

Saturdays 10am - 12pm

$25 per class (with discount $20 per class)

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Recording Studio Series

Students will learn the basics of recording sound, and experience making beats and will have the opportunity to record themselves and classmates using our professional studio equipment.
This is an 8 week series. Level 1 & Level 2


Different series levels will begin at the instructors discretion.

(Example: instructor may choose to run Level 1 back to back for incoming students)
For ages: 11-15


Wednesdays Series:

Jan 8 - Feb 26 4pm - 6:30pm

$50 per class / $325 per 8 - Week Series (with discount $275/series)

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Guitar & Songwriting Series

This Series is an opportunity for your Student to bring in their guitar, learn their favorite songs chords and song structure, and get a chance to “Rock Out” together. This class is the perfect place to explore their creativity and sharpen their songwriting skills. Students will have the opportunity to practice performing their new skills in this nurturing class setting.  

There will be a live band performance at the end of this Series for family and friends.

For ages: 5-15

Thursdays Series:

Jan 9 - Feb 27  4pm - 6:30pm

$40 per class / $249 per 8 - Week Series (with discount $199/series)

Drum & Bass Series

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Drum and Bass series is a rhythm section class where your child bass player can bring their electric bass and be matched with a student drummer and will discuss and learn counting, rhythm, to play in different timings. (Full Electric Drum Kit, Hand Percussion Drums, Djembe Drum, Congas, Cajon and Shakers will be used.) 


There will be a live band performance at the end of this Series for family and friends.

For ages: 5-15

Fridays Series:

Jan 10 - Feb 28 4pm - 6:30pm

$45 per class / $275 per 8 - Week Series (with discount $225/series)

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Band Series

In Band Series your child will be put together with 2 or 3 other student players, matched by the instructor, to “JAM” together. The band will have 4 weeks to come up with at least one song together. Which will be recorded by the instructor and a student aid.

This is a 4 - week series. This class is for intermediate and up players..

For ages: 5-15

Saturday Series 

Saturday March 14-April 4

12pm - 3:30pm

$35 per class/ $125 per 4 -Week Series (with discount $100/series)

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Weeks of Camp are non-refundable however if you would like to transfer them to another week of camp or to another child please email us.