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Rob is an ecstatic recent graduate from Emerson College. With theatre education as his pursuit,
he is beyond grateful to be joining PMT in the new year as an instructor and scenic designer. He
is primarily invested in the technical side of theatre more than anything.


Rob lends his
experiences to a variety of Massachusetts-based theatre companies. He has worked with high
school, college, community, and commercial theatres in such capacities as scenic design, sound
design, stage managing and more.

He is excited to see what adventures lie in wait at PMT!

Bryce has been involved in theater for over eight years. Throughout his experience, he’s
worked on the sound design for several shows including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor
Dreamcoat and Othello, and has been experimenting with Logic Pro as well as editing with
Final Cut Pro since 2014.


He has also performed many lead roles in musical productions such
as Oliver, Wizard of Oz, and Grease. While attending his local college, Bryce continues to grow
his love for entertaining and his skills in performing and production.

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Hi everyone! My name is Kezia, I grew up in a small city called Murrieta, CA, where I learned and developed my voice via private and group lessons under the talented Miss Nonie Hilgesen. I was a part of a girls’ choir called Wings of Praise (where I learned the joy and art of blending, harmonizing, and good stage presence) from the time I was ten until I graduated high school, the children’s, youth, and adult worship teams throughout jr. high and high school, the Chamber Choir at Murrieta Mesa High School, and a part of a pop singing and dancing group called Fedoragirls during jr. high.

As a child, singing empowered me to have a voice, and influence not only with my peers but with persons and groups of any age, culture, background. I am looking forward to passing this confidence and strength on to our kids at PMT!

Krista is an American actress. Krista has started her career with appearing in commercial advertisings and being a top model. She also produces her own hilarious comedy sketches. All of those things have helped her a lot in becoming the actress the she is today. Krista gained her popularity in 2009, due to the movie "Fired Up" in which she performed the role of a hot blonde, who happened to be a femme fatale also. During her time away from the film set, she is excited to coach the PMT kids in A.I. Acting Sessions.


Joanne is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.  She graduated from the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles in 1994 and earned her teaching certification the same year from the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT).  For the past 25 years Joanne has taught both private lessons and group classes. She was a guest teacher and adjunct professor for the Pepperdine University Performing Arts students for several years.  Her work with performing artists includes actors, singers, musicians, dancers, directors, cinematographers. She has also worked with many people from all walks of life.  

Joanne was also trained in dance and movement at the Boston Conservatory of Music, Drama, and Dance.  She is excited to join PMT and to be able to help the kids learn to be aware of unconscious habits and how to prevent them.  She has every confidence that this will help each one tap into his/her gift more fully with more ease and clarity and have fun at the same time. 

(Examples of The Alexander Technique)